Thursday, January 20, 2011


BIBLICAL WOMAN - 5 Day Mini-Study
By Stephen Phinney

The women portrayed in the apocryphal literature of the Jews reveal all the varied characteristics of their sex so conspicuous in Old Testament history: devout goodness, ardent patriotism, poetic fervor, political intrigue, worldly ambition, and sometimes a strange combination of these contradictory moral qualities. No matter how fictitious, or rounded on fact, or historical, these portrayals are true to the feminine life of the women of the Bible.

This mini-study unfolds the key and critical characteristics of a Biblical woman according the the Hebrew culture, language and mandates. The booklet covers: woman's weaknesses, her strengths, Hebrew adjectives and characteristics, the deceptions she tends to believe, lies that bound her and the provisions God offers her to free her!
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Dr. Phinney's Blog Book 2010

Transformational Biblical Worldview
By Stephen Phinney

Have you ever wished a "blogger" would make their postings available in book form? Our research shows that many of our readers want exactly that.

IOM America now offers, for the first time, Dr. Phinney's blog postings in book format. You can order his Blog Book 2010 in hardcover, paperback or in a convenient "download" version.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


By Stephen R. Phinney

As men, we need to understand and know the purpose of the activities we engage in. This purpose determines our effectiveness. The success of a chosen task depends on four components:

1) Knowing the target
2) Understanding our weaknesses in reaching the objective
3) Planning creative solutions and steps to meet the objective
4) Implementing the steps to “hit” the target

This publication is a simple guide to assit small group leaders in accomplishing the basic components of effective transformational small group leadership.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family Integrated Church

By J. Mark Fox

What is a church like that does not divide families when they come through the front door? What is worship like when children and even infants are present? Can a church survive without "age-segregated programming?" What about a "youth group?" Church leadership? Outreach and missions?

There is a movement that is growing in this country, a movement back to the way things used to be as far as church is concerned and IOM America is offering full support! It is called by various names, the most common being the "family-integrated church." This book is the story of how one church has been working to bring families back together. You will laugh, be encouraged, and your heart will be drawn back to what the Lord says about His church as you read this book. It will also serve some readers as a blueprint for change.

J. Mark Fox is Pastor of Antioch Community Church, where he and his wife Cindy have served since the church began in 1987. Mark is also an adjunct instructor in the School of Communications at Elon University, and writes a weekly religion column for the Daily Times-News in Burlington, NC. His columns have won two Amy Awards, in 2004 and 2005, for excellence in communicating biblical truth to a secular audience. He teaches Writing and Public Speaking classes to homeschoolers and is a frequent presenter at the North Carolina homeschool convention. Mark and Cindy live in Burlington with their seven children, two dogs and a cat.

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