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Marriage Covenant Conference Series - Dr. Stephen R. Phinney
Faithful Father Workbook - Phinney
Ready and Waiting - Dr. Emily Edwards
Living Life Discipleship Manual (300 Pages) - Phinney
Legacy of a Father - Phinney
Men and Warfare Series - Phinney
Men & Warfare Leaders Guide - Phinney
Warfare Prayer Book (Men Only)- Phinney
The Book of Prayers (For All) - Phinney
Sexual Temptations of Man Workbook - Phinney
The Principled Patriarch Workbook - Phinney
Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts - Phinney
Dad's and Their Mentors - Phinney

Marriage Covenant Conference
CD and Student Book

This 3½ hour, three part CD set, audio message by Steve Phinney and manual trains couples in Biblical Marriages.  This message helps improve your marriage through sharing, touching, appreciating and focusing healing attention on your mate. This message offers practical and proven suggestions to broken marriages or expands upon those healthy dynamic marriages.

This mini-conference reveals the original design of man, woman and the holy institution of marriage. Through making use of the original Hebrew language, conference speaker Stephen Phinney spelled out the practical elements of how to have a victorious marriage.

This conference is available to your church/ministry in a 6 hour format. To order a brochure containing all the details on how to host this conference, contact the ministry and we will be more than willing to send you the Marriage Covenant Conference Packet.

Faithful Father
The Father and His Earthly Family

This study 200 page, 7-week, study is designed for fathers, mothers, young adults, and all those interested in understanding the characteristics of God the Father. By making use of the ancient Hebrew word pictures, Faithful Father details the following topics:

 Defining the role of the Heavenly Father
 Satan attempting to steal the role of the Father
 Role of an earthly father
 Detailing the father/child relationship
 Importance of restoring father/child relationships
 Dynamics of viewing the Heavenly Father through earthly fathers
 The cost of living in a “fatherless world”
 Outlining the traits of a “great” father
 The promise of God being a Father to the fatherless
 Detailing “how to” love mothers, wives and daughters with the unconditional love of God
 Understanding the importance of authority
 And much more

Faithful Father, by Dr. Stephen R. Phinney, reveals life-changing truths regarding our role with God the Father through our earthly spiritual, adoptive, step and natural fathers. This is a “must attend” event for all those desiring to restore their hearts back to the Heavenly Father.

Ready and Waiting
Book & Workbook
By Dr. Emily Edwards

A Biblical Approach to Singleness, Dating, and Preparation for Marriage.  God has placed within each individual the desire for a relationship and companionship. How you go about finding and fulfilling that desire is what truly counts.

Do you follow your own scheme or God's perfect plan? Ready and Waiting is about navigating the rough waters of today's relational seas. This book is based on a biblical foundation that will help you make wise decisions in the dating process and get your "relationship radar" operating properly when choosing a future mate.

It will encourage you to make the right choices, grow in your desire to please the Lord more than anyone or anything else, and draw you closer to Him.

Ready & Waiting Book & Workbook   
Retail: $24.00    Suggested Donation: $18.00
Ready & Waiting Book 
Retail: $13.00    Suggested Donation: $10.40
Ready & Waiting Workbook
Retail: $10.00 Suggested Donation: $8.00

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Living Life Discipleship Manual
Over 300 Pages of Vislual Aids

Stephen R. Phinney - Designer

This Discipleship Training Manual is designed to provide the lay-counselor/discipler with teaching materials to assist others in understanding the life-changing truths of the Exchanged Life. By making use of pictures, diagrams and text, the Living Life Manual provides a near perfect tool to integrate the Word of God into simple and easy to use ministry tools.

The LLDM is also intended as a tool for the use in applying the Father’s Truth to one’s individual life, quite independently of a discipleship or ministry process to others. Otherwise, it is a great resource for personal Bible studies. This material is laid out in such a way that it can be used as a small group teaching and discussion guide.

Twelve Foundational Truths of Living

The pictures and diagrams are graphic expressions of scriptural truths. They illustrate in some instances how mankind got into his present state in regard to a given area of life; they picture in other cases what God has done and is doing on our behalf; they show the progressive steps Christians must take to be obedient to the Father’s living life guides. In other instances, they convey practical truth by depicting definitions of such terms as faith, obedience, love repentance, forgiveness and other related spiritual points of deliverance.

The material is organized by making use of the Twelve Foundational Truths of Living used in the counseling process at IOM AMERICA. These points of deliverance are Godship, Rejection, External/Internal, Problems, My Flesh, Repentance, What’s New About You, Accepting Your Righteousness, Extending Forgiveness, Seeking Forgiveness, Rest/Abide/Walk, and Love.

The material is laid out in a “flip-chart” fashion to assist in making the “ministering unto others” as quick and easy as possible. The diagrams are drawn to be read horizontally on each page, and the diagram explanation and application are given upside down on the facing page. This is to enable the LLDM to be used as a flip-chart between the discipler and disciple if desired.

The Living Life Discipleship Manual is designed to grow as IOM AMERICA grows in developing new materials in assisting the lay-counselor in expanding their teachings. For example, three new sections have already been added; Discipleship, Marriage, Parenting and Financial.

Living Life Discipleship Manual   
Retail: $74.00    Suggested Donation: $65.00

The Legacy Of A Father
By Stephen Phinney

This guide is designed for children of all ages or for fathers who wish to journal their own legacy. The document is laid out in a 7-week format that assists the interviewer in obtaining the information needed to complete the legacy journal. Because of this tool, IOM has many testimonies regarding God restoring the hearts of fathers to their children and children to their fathers. This guide has also become a leading restoration instrument for the counseling conducted at IOM.

The Legacy Of A Father is an ideal tool for men’s groups, couple studies, and other small groups that focus on reconciliation and restoration of family relationships.

Legacy of a Father Booklet    
Retail: $12.00     Suggested Donation: $10.00

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Men & Warfare
30-Day Study Guide & CD Set

The subject of aggressive spiritual warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil is becoming increasingly important. We live in a degrading society that makes fleshly things more accessible than ever before. Many, if not most, men are giving themselves to rampant abandonment and indulgence in fleshly sins. The enemy is pushing for conformity to his image through the power of media, unhealthy relationships and an overwhelming influx of opportunities to please ourselves. Satan and his demonic kingdom relentlessly press their battle against believers and all of God’s provisions of freedom.

The primary emphasis of this study and conference teachings by teacher Steve Phinney, is on practical spiritual instruction rather than theoretical exhortation. Christian men need to know how to fight a good fight. Men in our culture today are untrained in the most important battle of life – the battle for the soul. We will focus on the use of the objective, absolute truth of the Word of God, your sword, and not subjective or emotional experience. (6 CD Audio Set can be purchased separately)

Men & Warfare - Study & CD Set   
Retail: $66.50    Suggested Donation: $40.00

Men & Warfare - Workbook  
Retail: $20.00    Suggested Donation: $18.00

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Men & Warfare
Small Group Leaders Guide

Now the popular Men & Warfare 30-Day Study can be used as a small group student workbook. This Leaders Guide is a step by step, week by week, guide to leading a group men into spiritual freedom. This practical tool is a must for all small group leaders.

Leades Guide 
Retail: $17.50  Donation: $14.00

Men and Warfare Prayer Book
By Stephen R. Phinney

By popular request, the Men & Warfare Prayer Book was compiled from the doctrinal prayers contained within the Men & Warfare 30-Day Study Guide. Many of men have made the suggestion that we compile all of the prayers into a simple prayer book according to topics that men tend to struggle with.

We need spiritual tools to accomplish the eternal project that God has set before us as men. This is the underlying purpose of this Prayer Book – Spiritual Combat Manual – to provide practical, useful prayers, scriptures and insights into waging war against the powers of darkness that seem to bind us as men. However, it remains our responsibility to activate these weapons by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. This prayer book will assist in accomplishing just that. Christian men need to know how to fight a good fight. Men in our culture today are untrained in the most important battle of life – the battle for the soul. –Phinney

Men & Warfare Prayer Book   
Retail: $20.00    Suggested Donation: $18.00

Book of Prayers
By Stephen R. Phinney

This Book of Prayers contains printed and practical tools for Personal Reflection and Confession, General Warfare Prayers (15), Prayers for Armor (9), Prayers Warring Deeds of the Flesh (17), Prayers for Family Life (15), Prayers for Ministries (3), and much more!

Christians have the tendency to battle what they see. This includes our wives, rebellious children, unfaithful friends, employers, employees, etc. The first thing you must embrace before starting the fight is that we do not fight flesh and blood, but powers of darkness. Satan simply uses and abuses what we see in order to destroy God’s ordained leadership of the home, community, nation and world. He hates leadership. He knows that through leadership comes authority, and through authority comes power. This practical Book of Prayers is a must for those who are learning to pray with power and boldness.

Book of Prayers    
Retail: $20.00     Suggested Donation: $18.00

Sexual Temptations of Man
By Stephen R. Phinney

The primary emphasis of this study is on practical spiritual instruction in training men how to stand firm in the mist of Sexual Temptations of Man. Christian men need to know how to fight “the good fight.” Most men in our culture today are untrained in the most important battle of life – the battle for morality. We will focus on the use of the objective and absolute truth of the Word of God, your Sword, and not subjective or emotional experience.

As customary, Steve Phinney has designed this study to be a private individual study or for small groups. The material is simple and purposefully written for men who find it difficult to invest a great deal of time in a study. The author recommends purchasing the audio CD along with the workbook. The audio message will assist men in capturing the intent and importance of the topic.

“I was hesitant in taking myself through a study on a sexually related topic, but this study is a must for all Christian male leaders who desire to embrace the passions and purity of Christ Himself—don't leave home without it.” —Phoenix Pastor

Sexual Temptations Workbook & CD   
Retail: $28.00    Suggested Donation: $24.00

Sexual TemptationsWorkbook
Retail: $20.00 Suggested Donation: $18.00

Sexual Temptations CD
Retail: $10.00 Suggested Donation: $8.00

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The Principled Patriarch
By Stephen R. Phinney

This is a 30-Day Study Guide designed to lead men back to the Biblical traditions of manhood. Our women, children, communities and nation need a few good men – husbands, fathers and leaders who are willing to lead according to the divine Word of Truth.

We are in the middle of a cultural battle that wages war against the male and female genders – boys being emasculated and our girls being made masculine. Whatever happened to the patriarchs of our day? Why are the women asserting more male dominance than our males? Why do men default to women in leading their families, homes and communities? These are just some of the questions that get answered in The Principled Patriarch.

Being a gentleman is the most perfect way of honoring God. When a man is respecting the guidelines of society, church and God, he is revealing the order of God. A man, who is interested in honoring God, is recognizing the ordained roles God has assigned to His earthly structure. This workbook assists men in caring for all women in the same way they are commanded to care for their wives. Women should respect all men in the same way they are mandated to respect their husbands. This certainly does not mean that men or women should act out their marital roles with individuals outside their home. It does mean they should show the same kind of honor and respect to all. Although, it should be noted that women should maintain God’s “chain of command” even within society. In like manner, a man should treat all women with the same dignity they trend to show their wives. The study shows men how to be cautious in allowing their willingness to be a gentleman breed a familiarity of passion or attachment (intimacy) that belongs to their wives, if not married, to Christ Himself.

The Principled Patriarch is not for “interested onlookers”! It is for the serious at heart – men who seek to find God’s solutions to man’s historical problems. This study is designed for small groups or individual private studies. The Principled Patriarch is guaranteed to challenge and refresh the soul of all men of intent. This workbook contains, what Steve Phinney

Principled Patriarch Workbook   
Retail: $20.00    Suggested Donation: $18.00

Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts
By Stephen R. Phinney

Understanding and knowing what God says about Spiritual Gifts is the starting place of our journey. Even though man has many opinions about the topic, God has plenty to say about His gifts to us – after all, He is the giver of these gifts.

Many Christians choose to “stay in the dark” as to the full understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Ignorance is not bliss!

If you were given a gift and you choose not to open it, you will never have the privilege of using the gift for its intended purpose. The same thing goes for our spiritual gifts, we were given these gifts upon birth but activated upon the day of our salvation and God expects us to open the package and use the gift to accomplish His purposes.

It is my desire for each person that goes through this study to experience the fullness of His gifting within them. It is the responsibility of your church leadership to help you discover your gifting. Do not hesitate to contact your pastor to get your questions answered. Phinney

This 60 page study is to start the process of you embracing all that God has for you regarding His spiritual gifts.

Knowing Your Gifts   
Retail: $17.50    Suggested Donation: $15.00

Dads & Their Mentors
By Stephen R. Phinney

This 4-hour MP3 audio set was recorded live at a local Christian school in Phoenix. The purpose was to reveal the importance of Dad’s being mentored while they mentor their children. This has become one of IOM’s most requested series. The CD comes with a 17-page booklet offering a written outline that follows the audio message—with some bonus supplements.

Dads & Their Mentors Booklet/CD   
Retail: $15.30    Suggested Donation: $10.00

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